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Microwave & Ferrite: We represent the leading Russian Research and Development institutes in the field of Microwave  Technology. Listed below are the companies we represent and their brief product profile.  
1.TORIY State Scientific and Production Enterprises, Moscow, Russia.
The Russian company - Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Research Production Corporation "Toriy" (FSUE "RPCorp "Toriy") was established in 1959. The basic productive capacities of the enterprise are posed In a Southwest administrative district of Moscow. Now "RPCorp" Toriy " - one of the global leaders in development and manufacture of electrovacuum devices. The enterprise has a completely terminated production cycle from development before business lot issue of vacuum valves, including special ceramics, cathode units with more than fifty thousand warm-up cycles and magnetic systems. RPCorp "Toriy" develops and yields the process equipment for issue of an electronics, linacs of electrons, medical technique, superfine ultrasonic systems, system of a disinfestation of a grain and sterilization of medical technique.
On a series of scientific and technical directions of "Tory" has priority world reaching. It, in particular, multibeam amplifying klystrons, millimeter waves gyrotrons with 1 MW output power in a continuous mode . The products RPCorp"Toriy" are used in systems of a radiolocation, controlling and guidance of flying objects, satellite and tropospheric communication, broadcasting, termonuclear installations.
New Developments: 
1.  Ecologically clean technology for dis-insectecidation & disinfection's of the grains.
2.  Cleaning of industrial smoke pollutants.
3.  In-depth processing of dangerous and poisonous secondary raw materials.
4.  Sterilization of medical waste disposals.
5.  Sterilization & disinfections of bead linens for hospitals , hotels & railways.      
2. SPA Ferrite Domen, St. Petersburg, Russia.
It was established in1959. It is the unique company in Russia which is engaged in research , development & production of all kinds of microwave garnets, microwave ceramics which are used in various components of broad spectrum of radio engineering. facilities such as radar antennas, telecommunications, electronic counter measures systems, high power non reciprocal devices of particle   accelerators , different contact less measuring / sensor instruments etc.        
3. Central Institute of Measuring Equipments, Saratov, Russia .
It is one of the leading enterprises of Russia in the field of manufacturing of the electronic test equipments. The systems and devices are made according to the latest technological trends & operate in the frequency rage 0 to 300GHz. these systems are intended for the measurement of the parameters of transistors , ICs, semiconductor structures and magnetic materials. The enterprise produces also the wide range of medical equipments and oil and gas industry equipments.  
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