Medical Laser Devices

POLYUS Research and Development Institute, Moscow, Russia.  

Laboratory for laser medicine was formed in POLYUS Research & Development Institute in 1965. The carried-out investigations allowed to develop the first serial laser medical systems for surgery, ophthalmology and oncology. These systems based on CO2 and ND:YAG lasers. Lately, semiconductor lasers started to use in therapeutic applications. Today our laser medical systems are widely used by leading medical centers and hospital.
At present POLYUS Research & Development Institute is focused on following main applications:
-cardiology and physiotherapy;
-surgery and oncology;
-cosmetology and dermatology;

EPILASER Laser Assisted Hair Removal  
DERMALAG Laser System For Cosmetic Application
CTH Holmium Lasers 
YATAGAN-4-MICRO Laser Set for Ophthalmology
ALTP-4 and ALTP-4-1 Laser Therapeutic Devices
YARILO-SYNCHRO Electrical & Laser Therapeutic Device for Urology
VEGA-MV Portable Laser Veterinary Apparatus

Research Institute of Gas Discharge Devices,  JSC "PLASMA",  Ryzan, Russia.

Plasma offers a comprehensive line of state-of-the-art medical devices that includes gas lasers, laser installations and high-performance thyratrons, that provide superior form, fit, and function.
Our range of laser systems, produced to the same defect-free and cost-effective standards, that characterize other PLASMA products, is developed by our technician teams with customers through discussions and useful amendments.
PLASMA is also at the cutting edge in medicine, where it offers state-of-the-art solutions to satisfy certain needs of pulsed power installations' manufacturer.
Laser therapy unit for dentistry and cavity treatment "Stokos"
ALOK laser devices for intravenuos and transcutaneous irradiation of blood
AOL-1 laser therapy unit for general ophthalmology
Pulsed power products for health care applications

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