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Laser:  We represent the leading Russian Research and Development institutes in the field of Laser Technology. The feature of the technology base is, its integrated approach which allows active developmental works at the interface between various trends in quantum electronics. Listed below are the companies we represent and their brief product profile.  
1. POLYUS Research and Development Institute, Moscow, Russia.  
It is the largest laser center in Russia. The Institute was founded in 1962. In 1999 POLYUS RDI received the status of Federal State Unitary Enterprise.
The main lines of activities of the Institute are development and production of solid-state lasers and devices on their basis, semiconductor lasers of various types and transmitting-receiving modules for FOCs, laser gyros, laser medical and industrial systems, components of laser systems.  

Product Profile: 

Solid State Lasers
Laser Diodes               
Range Finders         
Laser Liquid Levelers
Medical  Laser 
Laser Crystals
Material Processing System
Laser Gyros 
Photodiodes &Receivers  


Research Institute of Gas Discharge Devices,  JSC "PLASMA",  Ryzan, Russia.
Research Institute of Gas Discharge Devices PLASMA was established in 1959 as the leading vendor of instrumentation and equipment for defense and civil industries. Nowadays PLASMA is a joint stock company with personnel exceeding 1500 employees; it incorporates ten production centers engaged in development and production of science-intensive and high-tech devices including gas lasers, plasma display panels (PDPs) and PDP-based information displays, gas discharge switching and protective devices, as well as consumer goods of a high demand, such as meat-processing equipment, metal-polymer pipes, vacuum and gas-filled double glass panes and so on.   

Product Profile:

Gas Lasers:
Medical  Laser
EPILASER Laser Assisted Hair Removal  
DERMALAG Laser System For Cosmetic Application
CTH Holmium Lasers 
YATAGAN-4-MICRO Laser Set for Ophthalmology
ALTP-4 and ALTP-4-1 Laser Therapeutic Devices
YARILO-SYNCHRO Electrical & Laser Therapeutic Device for Urology
VEGA-MV Portable Laser Veterinary Apparatus
Pulsed Power Components:
Hydrogen Thyratrons
Hydrogen Tacitrons
Psuedospark Switches
Spark Gaps
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